Our Expertise & Approach

  • Lawn Care is our only business: Locally owned and operated, Land•Art specializes and devotes our full attention to our fertilization applications.
  • Free service calls with results: If needed, all scheduled lawn care products are reapplied at no charge
  • Integrated Pest Management: Land•Art will offer selective insect controls for control of surface feeding insect as needed throughout the growing season.
  • Slow Release Granular Fertilizer: Land•Art offers the most complete balanced program in the turf maintenance industry. The best fertilizers are utilized for optimum results. Our products are specially formulated for our use and are exclusive to the Land•Art program.
  • Lawn Aeration services in Toledo, Ohio and Novi Michigan: Coring is often called lawn aerification; this term implies that soil aeration is directly improved by the procedure. Core Aeration helps improve water filtration and increase air space. Aeration will provide better rooting, which allows the turf to be more resilient and better tolerate traffic, drought stress, and weed, disease, and insect pressure. Over-seeding after aeration is a very effective way to introduce more desirable grasses and to thicken your lawn.
  • Grub Control services in Toledo, Ohio and Novi Michigan: We are currently scheduling for our MERIT grub control treatment applied during the summer months for guaranteed season long protection from grub damage. Grubs are common pests that can devastate a lawn.

Our extended years of business will guarantee that we will deliver the extra quality you want and the incredible service you deserve.

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