The Land•Art Advantage

Your satisfaction: the key to our success

At Land•Art our business success will continue to depend on our customer satisfaction. The Land•Art lawn care program consists of quality products, personal attention, dependability, and professional lawn care specialists. Land•Art will continue to guarantee its complete lawn care program.

Land•Art (locally owned and operated) provides a responsive lawn care program. All customers’ lawns are serviced promptly, plus all driveways and walks are blown clear of granular fertilizer. We want our lawns to look their best. The Land•Art program means value and better quality turf from the ground up.

Land-Art Value Guarantee Code
  • Safe & Clean Presentation
  • Drive safe, apply products properly/safely
  • Properly uniformed/professional invoicing/clean equipment
  • Professionally Calibrated Equipment
  • Best equipment for accurate application
  • Apply correct products at proper rates
  • Use of exclusive time released turf builders with improved weed control techniques
  • Applied in correct and safe manner
  • Properly trained service staff that adheres to your instructions
  • Follows all your specific property instructions
  • Answers your questions/communicates properly with customer/office/other staff members
  • Safe and Clean Exit of Property
  • Blow products off all impervious surfaces
  • Moves lawn clear of child and pet toys
  • Properly posts property to Department of Agriculture rules
  • Closes gates/leaves property as entered
  • Accurate Diagnosis/Proper Notes
  • Written notes of recommendation/current turf condition
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