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Our Complete Five Application Program with Quality Products

Land•Art has a responsive 5 application lawn care program. Land•Art will continue to use a complete balanced Slow Release Granular Fertilizer at each of the five applications throughout the grow­ing season; Granular Pre-Emergence Crabgrass Control is included in App. #l; Granular Insecticide selectively applied throughout the growing season (for surface feeding insects); Liquid Weed Control available at each application.

  • Spring Feeding: Slow release granular fertilizer with pre-emergence crabgrass control for an early spring green-up.
  • Late Spring/Early Summer: Slow release granular fertilizer, liquid broadleaf weed control applied as needed, check for insect activity, and treat as necessary.
  • Summer Care: Continued slow release granular fertilizer, treatment of broadleaf weeds, and insect analysis.
  • Fall Feeding: Slow release granular fertilizer applied to help green things up as weather begins to cool, liquid treatment of weeds, and inset analysis.
  • Winterizer: Slow release granular turf builders to help the lawn store nutrients during the winter and green up in the spring.

Additional services:

Core Aeration:

Coring is often called aerification; this term implies that soil aeration is directly improved by the procedure. Core Aeration helps improve water filtration and increase air space. Aeration will provide better rooting, which allows the turf to be more resilient and better tolerate traffic, drought stress, and weed, disease, and insect pressure. Over-seeding after aeration is a very effective way to introduce more desirable grasses and to thicken your lawn. Land•Art offers core aeration and over-seeding with exclusive high quality seeds for optimum results. Land•Art also offers an exclusive potassium treatment at time of aeration. Please call to schedule this service. Land•Art offers this service in both the fall and spring growing seasons. Land-Art also offers over-seeding and re-seeding services as part of our lawn renovation services. Specially selected premium grass seeds will be used to help you establish the lawn you want.

Preventative and Curative Grub Controls:

We are currently scheduling for our MERIT grub control treatment applied during the summer months for guaranteed season long protection from grub damage. Grubs are common pests that can devastate a lawn. They feed on grass roots and garden crops. Food seeking predators (such as moles, skunks, crows, and blackbirds) often do further damage where grubs are present. Damage can be prevented with this single treatment. Call today for more information.

Land•Art Plant Health Care

Tree and ornamental care consists of quality products, personal attention, dependability, and licensed professional ornamental care professionals.

  • Spring Root Fertilization: Spring-early summer tree and ornamental feeding to promote root, stem, and bud formation while also promoting overall disease and drought resistance.
  • Spring Foliage Treatment: Foliage spray with insect control, plus a trace of fungicides and nutrients to insure overall plant health.
  • Summer Foliage Treatment: Integrated Pest Management; continuation of the insect control foliage spray as needed, plus a trace of nutrients and fungicide.
  • Early Fall Foliage Treatment: Insect control foliage spray plus a trace of fungicides and nutrients for continued plant health.
  • Fall Fertilization: Fall/Winter tree and ornamental feeding for plant vigor and stamina.
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