Seasonal Lawn Care Information

We are still scheduling aeration and over-seeding services as well as our seaonal Merit Grub Control 

Creating your Land-Art environmentally friendly lawn and landscape:


  • Right plant, right place. Enjoy a healthier lawn and reduce maintenance by using turfgrass plants suited to your landscape conditions. Utilize a Land-Art lawn specialist for proper selection.
    • We offer core aeration and over-seeding with specially selected grass seeds.
  • Water Efficiently. Adjust irrigation frequency by season and weather conditions. Water infrequently and deeply. Make sure you fill the root zone with ½-3/4 inch per application.
    • Follow our application newsletters for proper watering recommendations.
    • Automated systems should now be started and calibrated as soon as possible.
  • Utilize Land-Art’s exclusive fertilization program and maximize plant health.
    • Proper mowing procedures are also extremely important and recommendations can be found in our inserts.
  • Manage your pests. Whether they consist off weeds or insects with our integrated pest management program
    • Land-Art offers seasonal grub controls along with available control of all turf and plant damaging insects
    • All broadleaf weeds are crabgrass are properly controlled.
    • Plant health care is also available for your landscape maintenance.
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