Winter Seasonal Tips

Some winter season tips to help keep your landscape it’s healthiest:



  • Protect Shrubs, Prune Evergreens, and Remove Dead Leaves
    • Be sure to protect shrubs and delicate trees from the coming ravages of ice, snow, and wind. Use evergreen clippings, such as those from a Christmas tree to cover low shrubs, wrap medium sized shrubs with burlap.
    • Trim hollies and other broad-leaved evergreens for indoor decorations; the pruning will improve the health of the plants as well. Rake leaves from the lawns and perennial beds; matted leaves can choke lawn grasses and promote disease.


  • Keep plants free of snow, Prune ornamental Trees
    • During Winter the major chore is still that of protecting plants. Check and repair protective covering frequently and after each snowstorm. Gently shake or broom the snow from branches; when clearing walks and driveways take care not to shovel snow onto bordering plants. Always use materials which are non toxic to plants for melting ice near lawns and gardens. After severe storms, cut broken branches from shrubs and trees. On mild days, finish pruning trees and shrubs that flowered late Summer and Fall.


  • Remove Winter coverings, Clean up winter debris, Renew mulch, and Cut lawn early
    • When the last snow of the Winter has melted away, remove burlap or other protective coverings from shrubs and plants. Pull old mulch away from the shrub stems, rake leaves and other debris off the lawn and ground covers. After this clean-up mix the old mulch into the soil and lay new mulch around the shrubs.
    • Clean up is important for overall turf grass plant health. Always leaf rake matted lawn areas and mow off dead grass for an earlier Spring green up.

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