Benefit Your Lawn For Next Season

✓   All activities this fall will benefit your lawn and give you a head start on the lawn you want for next season.

✓   Land-Art’s exclusive granular turf builders improve density and promote recovery from  summer stresses. All weeds controlled now will be eliminated for next season.

✓   Leaf rake any brown matted areas and over-seed with quality grass seed. Land-Art provides fall renovation and over-seeding services for our customers.

✓   If seeding yourself, please read the seed label.  The seed label is the buyers guide for quality seed. Do not assume that a brand name provides quality seed. Land-Art recommends bluegrasses (1-2 lbs/1000 sq.ft.) and perennial ryegrasses in sunny areas and tall turf type fescues (3-6 lbs./1000 sq.ft.) in shady and for lower maintenance conditions. Please stay away from creeping fescues and annual ryegrasses. Again, read the seed label to make sure you know what you are getting.

✓   Seeding can be accomplished anytime of the growing season. Early fall is the optimum time of season for seeding. Two types of seeding are active seeding (seeding for immediate germination) and passive seeding (seeding for slow germination).

✓   If active seeding, create the best seed bed possible and follow proper cultural practices.

✓   Core aeration not only improves overall turf quality but also provides optimum conditions for both active and passive seeding. Land-Art offers core aeration and over-seeding services along with plant health care- Ask us for recommendations.

Land-Art provides the best products, services and value!  

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