Slow Release Granular 30-0-4 Fertilizer

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Late Season Turf Feeding is extremely beneficial for healthy turf grass plants. Additional nutrients this time of season are stored for deeper root and crown development (during winter dormancy, roots remain active during periodic winter thaws). Turf grass plants also recover quicker from winter desiccation (snow mold) with stored nutrients. EXPECT A GREENER LAWN IN EARLY SPRING WITH THE LAND-ART WINTERIZER TURF BUILDER

  • Builds greater shoot mass
  • Increases the uptake of soil nutrients and moisture
  • Helps turf establish and withstand environmental stress
  • Develops a more fibrous and extensive root system
  • Increases photosynthesis

Our lawns will benefit from the Land-Art turf builders applied during fall, late fall and early winter. Lawn care treatments applied now will improve the turf now and next season. Land-Art “is the champion of lawn care services”. Custom Land-Art blended turf builders are utilized exclusively. Other lawn services do not spray weeds during the falls season or check for white rub activity. Land-Art refuses to take short cuts. Servicing our customers lawns with the best products and service is our primary goal. Contact us today to get started! 1-800-336-5296

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