Fall Lawn Maintenance Is Very Important

Everything that we do for our lawn and landscape now will benefit your property for next season.

Cultural Maintenance: There is an endless list of things that we can do to maintain and increase the health of your lawn and landscape:

  • Leaf clean up: Although we can mulch light covers of leaves back into our lawn, it is advisable to keep your lawn free of heavy leaf coverage in order to prevent suffocation from air and light blockage.
  • Late season or dormant fertilization will improve overall plant hardiness, health and plant performance for the following season. The Land Art winterizer is the ideal treatment.
  • As winter approaches, alternate traffic patterns on turfgrass during the cold weather to prevent traffic damage.
  • Protective barriers can be installed around sensitive shrubbery to eliminate winter burn from winter winds. Mulch can be added to heal in new plantings and also to protect roots from desiccation in reducing water loss.
  • Winterize your irrigation system. If possible water your lawn and shrubbery one last time before the winterization to ensure proper watering of plants. Watering plants before hard freezing will prevent root and plant decline. Evergreens and conifers especially need this additional watering before winter.
  • Late fall and winter are great times to prune evergreens and troublesome or damaged tree branches while protecting against the spreading of disease.
  • Save on lawn care costs! Now is the best time to save money with the Land Art early bird payment plan.
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