We are currently treating for the following disease activity:

  • DOLLAR SPOT: Bleached hour glass lesions with purple bands appear on the leaf. This disease can be very destructive, appearing as bleached areas the size of a silver dollar, to large irregular areas of sunken dead turfgrass.
  • BROWN PATCH: Is a widespread disease in warm-temperate and warmer climates. Symptoms appear as circular patches of thinned or blighted turf.
  • RED THREAD: Symptoms appear as tan to bleached leaves and matted together by pink mycelium, red threadlike growths. Large unsightly areas can develop with turf loss.
  • RUST: Symptoms are reddish brown to yellow and orange turfgrass leaves. Powdery rust spores rub off easily onto shoes, mowers, clothing and animals. Loss and thinning of the turf can result. FUSARIUM BLIGHT/NECROTIC RING SPOT scattered light green patches enlarging to form light tan to straw-colored sunken, elongated streaks, crescents or rings with tusks of healthy grass in the middle.
We offer plant disease protection. Our fungicide/iron treatment is an excellent cure for Summer time disease issues. This treatment stimulates color and protects against disease damage and discoloration.


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