Developing Deep Rooted Turf Grass

Several rules of thumb for developing deep-rooted strong turfgrass that will survive all weather cycles include:
  • Apply adequate water to wet the soil up to 6 inches deep. (Start a good summer watering schedule now that the soil is drying.)
  • Do not water to the point of saturation.
  • Aerate the lawn so water can penetrate the soil while allowing both air and nutrient movement. Overseeding after aerating will insure blended varieties.
  • Avoid mid-day watering. Follow Land-Art watering procedures.
  • Raise mowing heights during summer months. Keep mower blades sharp and follow the 1/3 rule. Alternate mowing patterns.
  • Use irrigation heads that applies an even distribution of large droplets and avoid misting sprinklers.
  • Use 50% slow release fertilizers during the summer months. (A Land-Art practice)
Please read Land-Art treatment information inserts for the proper cultural practices that you need to follow for a more desirable year long lawn. These information inserts can be requested by contacting us.
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